Making a donation to TCNJ Ice Hockey is easy and tax deductible!

Whether you are an alumni, parent, hockey fan, or friend of the program, please help us offset the costs of running our program. We are graciously funded in part by the TCNJ Student Finance Board in conjunction with the Club Sports Council. The balance of our budget is financed through player dues, fundraising, and donations.

All donations through this website are directed to the TCNJ Development Office, who in turn make the funds available to the team.

To make a donation using a credit or debit card, please follow these important steps:

1) Go to

2) Leave the designation as “OTHER”

3) Type “TCNJ Ice Hockey Club” in the “Other” field just below the designation menu.

4) TCNJ will email you a receipt, please email that receipt to Coach Paul Batcho at so that the team is aware of your donation.

– You can use that receipt for your tax deduction.

Thank you for your donation!

Every dollar counts and each donation will directly pay for team expenses.